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A Hello from Dave Moursund

I have recently learned that the software that is supposed to send you a notification when I post an Information Age Education blog has been broken for some unknown amount of time. Thus, you likely have not been receiving a timely notice when I post an IAE Blog.

Good news! It has just been repaired. The purpose of this IAE Blog is to tell you about some of the blog entries you have missed.

In recent times I have been very interested in issues about what we can be doing to provide today’s students with an education that will serve them well in the future as “things” continue their rapid change. My recent IAE Newsletters focus on this topic (hot link).

As an example, probably all of you agree that students need to learn reading, writing, and arithmetic (math) at a level that will serve them well in their futures. But, what about reading and writing with interactive multimedia? What about using calculators and computers to solve math problems? What about an education that includes a strong emphasis on major problems facing the whole world? What about AI that is getting smarter and smarter? What about fake news that disseminates fake pictures, video, and sound tracks that are getting better and better, and then this fake news is becoming and more and more integrated into our mainstream sources of information?

Over the past 9 years, IAE has published nearly 430 IAE Blog entries. In total, they had about four million hits. Here are titles of some of my recent blogs that are available at You may have missed some of these due to the glitch in sending out notices.

Good Internet Access for Students Should Be an Inalienable Right (hot link).

Think and Act Both Globally and Locally (hot link).

How People Learn II: A Free Book from the National Academies Press (hot link).

Charter Schools (hot link).

David Moursund Honored at ISTE 2019 Conference (hot link).

Improving Education through Forecasting the Future (hot link).

Forecasting Possible Futures of Education (hot link).

Artificial Intelligence in Fast Food Restaurants in China (hot link).

Tools Help Us Build on the Work of Self and Others (hot link).

Each IAE Blog posting includes an invitation to provide comments. I am also interested in posting “guest” blog entries. If you are interested in writing in blog for IAE, please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What You Can Do

Pay special attention to this blog also listed above:

Think and Act Both Globally and Locally (hot link)

This is a message that millions (indeed billions) of people need to hear and pay attention to. You undoubtedly maintain contact lists of people that you have cultivated over the years. Share this message with them, and encourage them to share it with people on their contact lists. Help this message go viral!

And, of course, encourage them to take advantage of the free educational materials provided by Information Age Education (hot link). All of the IAE publications are free and do not carry paid ads.

The Struggle of Learning
Good Internet Access for Students Should Be an Ina...


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Wednesday, 19 January 2022

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